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76 clients

ARTIS provides services for both large and medium businesses. Amongst our clients you will find some of the leading organizations in Israel: Strauss-group, Israel chemicals, Teva pharmaceutical industries, Cellcom, SAP Israel and many more.

9 years

ARTIS was founded by Eran Gans at 2001. For the lust 9 years we accumulate great knowhow and experience within the characterization, design and development fields of dozens of projects, from small business websites to huge operative intranet systems for giant organizations.

2 disciplines

ARTIS operates in two main disciplines:
  1. Characterization (UI), design (GUI) and development of intranet systems and inner organization portals. In these fields our comprehensive experience within mapping user needs, the ability to make a user centered system and the ability to look at the organization from the outside makes us the best candidates for delivering a smart, user friendly system and therefore the best business value for the company.
  2. Characterization, design and development of websites. In these fields our advantages are clear.
    • Comprehensive experience within leveraging business using the world wide web.
    • Business-Marketing approach to the website development process - fulfillment of business goals as an index of the website success evaluation.
    • Comprehensive experience within making an accessible web site for people with disabilities according to the W3c guidelines.
    • Our websites built for maximum exposure in search engines. Our clients can yield the expensive services of SEO companies or Google Adwords.

1 vision

ARTIS will help businesses and organizations execute their business goals using characterization, design and development of optimal intranet and internet systems.

For a professional and quick response:

E-mail : eran@artis.co.il -  Mobile : 972-52-8409712

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